GlowCleanse Gentle - Creamy (2 in 1)

Avani Derm Spa

$ 48.30

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This dual-purpose product helps to calm redness and gently cleanse the skin without stripping vital oils, which can promote irritation and dryness. The non-reactive formulation includes soothing Evodiox, which is derived from the Chinese evodia rutaecarpa plant and reduces redness, as well as two additional key ingredients - Ginger Root to promote even skin tone and radiance, and Bisbolol, known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This is a wonderful choice for rosacea-prone or sensitive skin.  Used as a mask, it may remain on the epidermis for 3-5 minutes before rinsing off.
Great for all skin types, even the most sensitive! 
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Propylene Glycol Free
Application: one pump for use, the product will last for 5 months
  • Gentle Creamy Cleanser- extra-gentle cleanser for sensitive skin. Contains soothing ingredients Evodiox, bisabolol, ginger. 
  • Also indicated for rosacea skin to help kill remodel mite.  It’s what makes rosacea skin red and oily. They have these microorganisms on the skin that cause irritation. This cleanser will clean them out!!!